What type of studies do we do?

  • Habits and user experience.
  • Strategic: development of concepts, products and brands.
  • Innovation: discover new roads and needs.
  • Branding: brand image, positioning and architecture.
  • Competitive strategies.
  • Communication analysis and evaluation.
  • Shopper insights.
  • Patient/client journey.
  • Ethnographic / immersion research.

What methodologies do we use?

  • Bulletin Board Groups (online)  see BBG
  • Focus groups online.
  • In-depth interviews online.
  • Mobile Research: auto-ethnographies and interviews.
  • Consumer Labs.
  • Ethnographic observation.
  • Focus groups (6-8 participants).
  • Mini groups (4-5 participants).
  • Dyads and triads.
  • Individual in-depth interviews.

How do we do it?

We pay attention to every detail in every phase of the study: